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Tanya Brown may be contacted via email, tanya@tanyabrown.org.Konnie Tiki


Tanya Brown is an artist, a writer, and a longtime resident of California's Silicon Valley. Her artwork couples 3D/CGI and fiber, and has been exhibited across the country and juried into international shows.

An early interest in art was interrupted by the need to feed and house herself. After working rotating shifts at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in order to pay her way through school, she became an engineering physicist at that laboratory. When she wasn't being irradiated and exposed to high voltage at work, she pursued a formal education in art and graphic design. This led to a career in graphic design and as a 3D/CGI illustrator, including work in Wired Magazine and other publications.

Upon the birth of her son, she turned to the tactile medium of fiber, a pursuit she could enjoy in the bursts of time when he wasn't screaming.

Her work is a reflection of her view of life. It varies between whimsical and morose, depending on world events, the phase of the moon, and how much coffee she's ingested.

In recent years her work has merged 3D/CGI with textiles, creating portraiture and pieces which explore societal ills. Her work has appeared in shows such as Quilt National and a variety of books and periodicals.



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