A Gift from Earth
(Life of Brian #6)

51 1/2 x 63"
Ink on cotton, stitching

This piece is an imagining of the future, a time when humans have left Earth and are beginning to colonize the moon and other planets. The boy's grandparents back on Earth have sent him a care package of books and animal toys. Imagine how fantastic and improbable something as simple as a snake, a tiger, or a giant tree might seem to someone reared in a dome!

I cut my teeth on Robert Heinlein's novels. The shipping container is an homage to Have Space Suit - Will Travel, addressed to one Kip Russell, c/o Clifford and Patricia Russell. There are also a few more visual jokes, such as the boy's Starfleet sideburns - which of course have nothing to do with Heinlein - and the logo on his sweatshirt. The title A Gift from Earth is an homage to a Larry Niven novel of the same name, circa 1968. It's a shame I couldn't work in a few more gratuitous science fiction references!

For more of the backstory and process, see the associated blog entry.


Brian at 10 Months