Oh Howly Night

Here's a lovely winter moment, immortalized for a holiday postcard.

By the time this image was made, a few niceties such as Boolean subtraction (used to carve the melted area out of the snowman) were available. However, most of the scene was constructed with thinly disguised spheres and cylinders, with a few lathed or extruded shapes thrown in. (Think in terms of squeezing Play-Doh through holes.) Touches such as the motion blur on the dog's tail and tongue were added in Photoshop.

Despite these obstacles and the image's crudity, it manages to tell a story: a dog whose bladder capacity is larger than his brain has left mayhem in his wake. No doubt he'll "refuel" for his next salvo the moment he gets out of the picture!

The snowman, needless to say, is not pleased.

Howly Night