Welcome to the 3D/CGI gallery!3DIntro

These images are from the dawn of consumer-level 3D graphics software. Dinosaurs, in a manner of speaking. While hopefully diverting in their own right, they're also evocative of a certain time and state of affairs.

Today, 3D imagery is ubiquitous. It appears everywhere from video games to movies to paranoia-inducing ads depicting vicious toilet bacteria. While once an expensive novelty, mostly the domain of studios with hefty computer and programming firepower, 3D is now pervasive enough to be used in terrible, relatively low-budget productions.

During the late eighties and early nineties, the technology was migrated to desktop PCs, bringing many tools within reach of the lone artist or designer. It was a heady period. Suddenly, one could create entire worlds on one's desktop computer! That is, as long as those worlds were comprised of things like spheres and cubes, and one didn't mind waiting a long time for the computer to render the resulting images. The tools were a bit primitive at the beginning.

Still - magic! Much like the lead character of Flashdance, who spent her days welding and her nights dancing, some of us toiled away pushing electrons down really long pipes, then rushed home to create pictures of little monsters on our computers.

These are the stories behind some of those images.